HubSport CMS Development

Can you explain what the process is for website development and how it works?

  1. Once you have contacted us and fill out the template we provide, we use the data collected to help us determine what we need to customized a plan to design the perfect website to meet all of your needs. This includes such things as information from any existing websites, product information, goals and objectives, services, products and KPI, including any deadlines and budget restrictions. Once we have gathered all of the necessary information, we will provide details that will help you to make the best decisions. Please note: If you would like to submit an RFP (request for proposal), please have your marketing team compose it so that you can provide it to us.
  2. After you have provided all of the requested details for your web project, we submit it to our project manager for project and contract details and development.
  3. Once you have approved of the project details and contract proposal, proceed to the next step, which requires the placing of the final order. This consists of signing the contract and providing the required deposit. The deposit amount will be approximately 15 to 30% of the entire size and scale of your web project.
  4. The next step is up to us; we proceed with details provided, by designing the interface layout, which includes: your home page, sub-page, the blog template, and any additional templates needed. Wireframes are the “skeleton” of your website. The visual polish of the finished design allows us to try several different solutions to develop the perfect, customized content laid out across different screen sizes.
  5. When it comes to copywriting, we recommend having all of your content ready before this stage; which, as stated in our instructions, is completed by you. We recommend hiring a copywriter, since we cannot start your project until this step has been fulfilled. If before the start of your project, we agreed to do copywriting for your website, you will not need to worry about this stage.
  6. The design process goes much smoother once you have you prepared the wireframes and copy. Moving forward, we design high-fidelity comps that show what the final designs for major pages will look like on both desktop and mobile-device screen sizes. We offer up to two rounds of revisions on the design. After communicating to us what you like and don’t like, we discuss the necessary changes to find the perfect solutions and implement them.
  7. Next, the priority is to develop a theme.
  8. HubSpot offers pre-made premium themes, should you choose for us to use them, we integrate your custom design and use child themes for said customization and required function modifications.
  9. If we build custom HubSpot theme website for your web project, we integrate custom design into the existing HubSpot framework. By focusing on minimal plugin usage and custom-developed functionality, we build scalable custom HubSpot websites.
  10. We will then test the website on a variety of web browsers (AKA “testing time”), including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11, as well as test the responsive design on iPhone and Android devices. Here is what we will test for: a) the functionality of the site to ensure there are no errors or broken links b) for your review and testing, we then hand it over to you to perform on a test server. We offer two rounds of minor revisions to the sites, and then we will launch.
  11. After you have tested your website and are happy with its functionality, we will launch your website to go live on your server. Then, we point your domain to the new site; and it’s time for your official launch!
  12. Should you already have an existing website that has organic traffic, our next move is to create a comprehensive 301 URL to redirect mapping strategy and make sure that your newly, redesigned website won’t drastically affect your organic traffic.
  13. Following the completion of your website and it is live, you will decide if you would like to go with or without our retainer service. We always provide 30 days of support service after project delivery. During this time frame, we are available to answer any questions that you may have that are related to how to use your new website. We respond within 24 hours via email. If you feel the need for a consultation via phone or Skype, we change 50 euro per hour for this form consulting service.
  14. The following is a list of services not included through support services: HubSpot software update, installation of 3rd party plugins, 3rd party plugin updates, any new features or functions you may want to implement, customized themes with custom CSS. If you need any of the services mentioned in this section (which are not included in our consulting service), all of them will come at an extra charge (we change 50 euro per hour for these services) or we recommend you to use our retainer Basic plan service, which covers all updates to your website (HubSpot software and plugs), regular backup of your project, website security, monthly reports and 3 hours of retainer service used for ongoing strategy, design and development enhancements to continual testing to analyze and improve [their] projects to obtain desired results.

What does the “Contract” for HubSpot Website Development look like?

Our Contract includes information regarding:

  1. Research: key information about project, target audience/market, competitors, objectives, key performance indicators and return on investment.
  2. Project Design: all information about project design and solutions how they resolve client objectives.
  3. Development: what solution will be used for project to resolve issue and purpose of new project.
  4. Our company commitments.
  5. Project Timeframe: from beginning to end, depending on when we receive feedback at each milestone.
  6. Your Investment: budget we’ve estimated based on the scope of services for client projects.
  7. Statement of Work & Contract: Mutual Cooperation, Charges for Services Performed, Terms of Payment, Cancellation of Plans, Responsibilities of both parties, Confidentiality, Terms and Termination, General Provisions.

Do you have any suggestions for a hosting service to use?

Our Contract includes information regarding:

  1. When our clients don’t already have a hosting service in place, we recommend that you use
  2. Should our clients already have hosting that only meets basic spécifications, we recommend that they consider using our recommended hosting.
  3. In order to avoid issues with website speed, performance and SEO ranking, if our clients have a low cost, basic ($2-3 per month) hosting service, we recommend changing to our suggested hosting service,
  4. Also, we highly recommend using SSL and CND for our client’s web project, which significantly affects SEO ranking and website performance.

Support & Retainers for HubSpot

For an extra fee, we offer HubSpot support & retainer service that allows our clients (website owners) to hire our team to allocate monthly activities related to HubSpot consultancy and troubleshooting. This includes, but is not limited to: performance optimization, plugin development, scalability, and security. Our team provides your website with: tracking goals and KPIs, technical marketing, developing new features, and on-page SEO. Our team is also addressing some of the most important issues regarding fixing bugs, improving security, and improving website speed.

Who are Lpd Themes’s ideal clients for HubSpot support & retainer service?

  1. Any company is struggling with traffic, conversions, and search issues.
  2. Companies that don’t have their in-house resources or team to improve/update their website regularly.
  3. A company that doesn’t have an in-house team to address regular/required development work.
  4. Any company that has received user feedback/complaints about site performance.
  5. Companies that want/need a reliable, competent HubSpot development team available to address issues as they arise.

What type of packages does Lpd Themes offer to their clients?

We offer two different packages: Basic and Custom. Below is a description of what each entails:

  1. Basic Package: design and development enhancements (tests are ongoing), regular backup of your project, HubSpot updates (monthly), website security, monthly report + 3 hours of retainer service (which is used for ongoing strategies), as well as analyzing and improving client projects to get results. Cost: 299 Euro per month.
  2. Custom Package: Our project manager will make contact and work closely with our clients to determine project objectives and customize an agreement on a HubSpot retainer model that scales, and could be extended for several years. Our standard retainer rates start from 50 Euro per hour.

Is the Retainer & Services package a contract?

This is pay as you go, so there is no long-term contract. However, we do require 30 days advance notice should our clients you choose to discontinue this service.